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Organic Cotton Lingerie

Discover Playtex's new collection of organic cotton lingerie for the season ahead.

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Why choose to wear organic cotton underwear?

Did you know that the fashion industry and therefore the lingerie industry is the second most polluting industry globally? Now that we have become aware of this, it’s time to take action. To save the planet and our future generations, we all have a role to play. For this reason alone, Playtex is committed to adopting a more sustainable and ethical approach. We are committed to meeting the needs of women by providing them with daily comfort and well-being, while reducing our impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, we are constantly looking to innovate by using more and more sustainable and recycled materials and by focusing on a more ethical production process that puts people first.


While making sure we retain the quality and the strengths that set our brand apart, namely femininity and infallible support, our Design teams incorporate more responsible fabrics when creating new collections. Cotton sourced from organic farming is one of them. You may be wondering what the differences are compared with classic cotton? Completely natural and biodegradable, organic cotton uses less water, less CO2 and less energy than standard cotton. In addition, by avoiding chemicals, growing organic cotton is better for the soil, biodiversity and human health. The icing on the cake, organic cotton is extra-comfortable and hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Bras, mini or high waisted knickers, don't wait any longer to take your first step towards a more environmentally friendly wardrobe with the selection of soft organic cotton underwear available on our online store at!


Enhance your figure with Playtex organic cotton lingerie

To boost and promote our more responsible approach and take advantage of the strength of our know-how when it comes to all things related to lingerie, Playtex is launching the new Feel Good Support white wireless bra made from 65% organic cotton. Featuring elastane material and embroidery, this woman's bra envelops you in softness as soon as you start wearing it. Certified by the OEKO-TEX quality label, its organic cotton material respects the sensitivity of your skin as well as the environment. Its wireless construction offers you comfort and incomparable freedom of movement while its wide straps and elastic band on the back ensure support on a daily basis.


Always in a more natural and responsible approach, combine your Feel Good Support wireless bra with white midi knickers from the Organic cotton line. Available in sets of 2 or 3, these midi knickers are made from 95% organic cotton and offer you incomparable softness and comfort thanks to their GOTS certified stretch material. The “Global Organic Textile Standard” is a quality label which considers both ecological and social criteria. An excellent guarantee that vouches for the quality of Playtex organic cotton panties! As you can see, these knickers are more resistant and durable than a classic cotton pair, and the quality of the fabric does not change even after many washes! In addition, Playtex Organic Cotton knickers ♻ are made in a process free from chemicals, which makes them even kinder to your skin and the planet.