Non-wired Bras

Non-wired bras

Discover the Playtex non-wired bras
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Playtex non-wired bras are dedicated to comfort

Comfort, support and aesthetics are the main expectations of women in terms of lingerie. Among the many types of lingerie currently available, underwire-free bras are becoming increasingly popular. Playtex offers a selection of models here with lots of new features. You can choose between: a triangle-shaped model, a bra with removable underwires or a minimiser bra, whose cup is designed to visually reduce the size of large breasts. You can also discover our famous Cross Your Heart bras with their iconic X-chest construction to perfectly lift and separate your busts for a comfortable fit. Thanks to this technique, all the breasts are perfectly maintained and highlighted by this bra.

Every woman is different so find the bra shape that best suits you and your body type, you can check out our bra guide that helps explain the various functions of our bras. You need a bra that respects the natural shape of your breasts and guarantees optimal comfort throughout the day. If you have any doubts about sizing, don't hesitate to consult our Size Guide to choose your cup size, it will help you in your future online shopping. Playtex's range of non-wired bras are suitable for all body shapes and sizes, from A to G cup. Choose from a lace bra with an amplified shape for a unique second-skin effect or a lace push-up bra for a perfect fit. Go for a plunging bra or a support bra without underwires for an irresistible effect without any complex! If you prefer the softness and comfort of a non-wired cotton bra then Playtex has the bra for you! Discover our non-wired cotton bras for comfort.

All our feminine underwear adapts to your shape and enhances your femininity in all simplicity, without compromising on comfort.

Comfortable and feminine lingerie

In addition to the technical aspect of the products, Playtex has designed these iconic pieces of women's lingerie with special attention to every detail.

You'll find classic colours ranging from white to romantic red, glamorous violet, to bold blues and pinks, not forgetting the classic black and white colours that are staple to every woman’s lingerie collection. The softness of the lines will satisfy your desire for elegance. The collection also presents products with fine lace embroidered details for a very delicate look. Thus, a play of materials between lace, cotton and microfibre gives Playtex bras not only an optimal softness of the bra, but also an ultra feminine look.

Enjoy the naturalness and comfort of an underwire-free bra that will become your best friend. It will bring you refinement and femininity, regardless of the outfit you wear. Non-wired bras are comfortable and light. They allow you to enhance and sublimate your cleavage with ease.

However, the cotton underwire bra is not only for small breasts. Playtex is revolutionising plus-size lingerie by offering underwire-free bras in large sizes: lace bras or full cup bras, find your favourite model from our wide selection of non-wired bras. The brand also offers you a unique choice of colours ranging from the more classic white, black or beige bra to the green, red or floral print bra for a trendy romantic effect.

With Playtex, you can enjoy the comfort of a non-wired bra without giving up your femininity. Whether for small breasts or large cups, the underwire-free bra is made for you and will naturally highlight your curves while giving you a touch of elegance and femininity. Tip: Dare to wear your lace bra under a blouse for an irresistible transparent effect!